Keep it A Secret Deluxe

  1. Slowly
  2. Sing Your Heart Out
  3. Lucky
  4. I Cannot Win
  5. Pink Sunset
  6. Dark
  7. We Used to Be
  8. Dream
  9. Ask for More
  10. Light Me Up
  11. Can't Find You
  12. Secret
  13. Can't Find You (Remix) [feat. Flip Kowlier]
  14. In My Blood (Live Uit Liefde Voor Muziek)
  15. Oya-Lélé (Live Uit Liefde Voor Muziek)
  16. Sarah (Live Uit Liefde Voor Muziek)
  17. Raindrops on a Leaf (Live Uit Liefde Voor Muziek)
  18. Ik Neem Je Mee (Live Uit Liefde Voor Muziek)
  19. Hallelujah Anyway (Live Uit Liefde Voor Muziek)
  20. Verlangen (Live Uit Liefde Voor Muziek)

All songs and lyrics written by Lady Linn
All songs produced and arranged by Reinhard Vanbergen, Lady Linn, The Magnificent Seven (Joris Caluwaerts, Filip Vandebril, Kas Longman, Steven Van Gelder, Marc De Maeseneer, Frederik Heirman, Yves Fernandez), Niek Meul
Recorded at ICP Studio, Brussels, by Reinhard Vanbergen and Niek Meul, except Secret
recorded by Joris Caluwaerts at studio Finster
Mixed by Reinhard Vanbergen
Mastered by Niek Meul

Reinhard Vanbergen string arrangement on Slowly, Lucky, I cannot win
Frederik Heirman horn arrangement on Dark, Can’t find you
Marc De Maeseneer horn arrangement on Light me up, We used to be
Yves Fernandez Horn arrangement on Pink Sunset
Lady Linn horn arrangement on I cannot win, Ask for more, Dark, Pink sunset, Lucky
Lady Linn aka Lien De Greef vocals, backing vocals
Joris Caluwaerts keys
Filip Vandebril bass, double bass
Steven Van Gelder drums, percussion
Kas Longman guitar
Yves Fernandez trumpet, bugle
Frederik Heirman trombone
Marc De Maeseneer baritone sax, tenor sax

Guests musicians
Ellen Van den Bunder
wooden flute on Ask for more

String octet
violin 1 Mark Steylaerts, Gudrun Vercampt
violin 2 Véronique Gilis, Bart Lemmens
alti Philippe Allard, Edouard Thise
celli Karel Steylaerts, Hans Vandaele
Reinhard Vanbergen conga’s on Pink Sunset

Photography Lalo Gonzalez
Make up and Styling Leonie Gysel
Painting artwork Carll Cneut
Artwork Mdash
Can’t Find You Remix feat. Flip Kowlier
Written by Lady Linn & Flip Kowlier
Bass written by Filip Vandebril
Produced and mixed by Steven Van Gelder, Flip Kowlier, Lady Linn
Mastered by Mathew Lane Mastering

Credits Liefde Voor Muziek

In My Blood 
Written by Martin Svensson, Sarah Reeve, Oliver Nordh
Original version by Natalia
Performed by Lady Linn

Oya Lélé
Written by Wiels, Vandeputte, Gillis
Original version by K3
Performed by Lady Linn

Written by Gillis, Bauwens, De Vuyst
Original version by Isabelle A
Performed by Lady Linn

Raindrops On A Leaf
Written by Bart Peeters
Original version ‘Wat Nog Komen Zou’ by Bart Peeters
Performed by Lady Linn

Ik Neem Je Mee
Written by Pardoel, Van Gonter, De Rooy
Original version by Gers Pardoel
Performed by Lady Linn

Hallelujah Anyway
Written by Pollard
Original version by Candi Staton
Performed by Lady Linn

Written by Stef Bos
Original version by Clouseau
Performed by Lady Linn

Lyrics on ‘Raindrops on A Leaf’ written by Lady Linn
Lyrics on ‘Oya Lélé’ translated by Lady Linn
All songs produced and arranged by Lady Linn, Jeroen Swinnen, Liefde Voor Muziek band
Recorded at Torre de Canyamel
Recorded by Werner Pensaert
Mixed by Werner Pensaert
Mastered by Gert Van Hoof

Liefde Voor Muziek band
Lady Linn aka Lien De Greef vocals
Marc Bonne : Drums,  percussion
Jean François Assy : Bass, double bass, cello
Tom Lodewyckx : electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Remko Kühne : piano, hammond, keys, vocals
Jo Hermans : bugle, trumpet, vocals
Wietse Meys : alt sax, tenor sax, soprana sax, clarinet, flute, vocals, arranger
Emile Verstraeten : violin, percussion, mandolin, backing vocals
Eva-Jane Smeenk : backing vocals
Jeroen Swinnen : keys, vocals, percussion

Photography Diego Franssens
Make up Janis Struyf
Styling Leonie Gysel en Laura Van der Borght
Hair Karima Mettioui
Artwork Mdash